Social Responsability

Grassano Law Firm brings in all its acts the social responsibility as a way of working.

The sustainable development, always discussed nowadays can be clearly identified in Grassano’s policies.

As Grassano’s value the ethics, transparency and preservation of the environment are seen on the day-to-day of the firm.

The social investments of the firm are focuses in the promotion of the community development through the formation of children and

Into Grassano’s Corporate social responsibility it is internally and often published its principles and ethics values, contributing to the construction of sustainable relationships with clients and suppliers. It also works constantly with the valorization of people, the investment in qualification, improvement in the intern environment, incentive to diversity, respect and the practice of a team work.

Grassano often provide to its employees the personal growth, encouraging the study and the constant intellectual and personal development.

On the environmental practice area our main objective is to transmit to our clients and employees the importance of attending the environmental law due to the present problems, and also to implement projects that seek for the environmental preservation and programs directed to the future of the community and the society.

Responsabilidade social

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